Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded

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On a quiet street on Long Island early on a December morning in 2005, more than fifty federal agents stood outside a lovely new home waiting for the front door to be opened. When it did, there stood the central figure in one of the biggest scandals in sports history: Kirk Radomski. Radomski was a regular New York kid who, from the age of fifteen had the amazing fortune of working in the Mets clubhouse. The focus of his job was to give the players whatever they wanted or neededa€”he got their uniforms ready, packed up their homes at the end of the season, cashed their checks, and helped them beat the drug tests that would have led to suspension. And at the end of the 1986 season he even led the World Champions down Broadway during their victory parade. Eventually, he graduated to helping in other ways: providing them with steroids and human growth hormones. By the time the Feds knocked on his door, he was the main clubhouse supplier of performance-enhancing drugs to almost three hundred baseball players. Under threat of a long prison sentencea€”and after being identified by players hea€™d helpeda€”he cooperated with Senator George Mitchell to produce the Mitchell Report, providing names and dates. Now hea€™s ready to tell the whole story to the world. Radomski made little money from these transactions, and in this stunning book he will recount what baseball knew about the problem, his life since the report came out, and who took what. This is the tale of a young man seeing his heroes turn into clay, and the degradation of a once great sport into the drug-addicted spectacle it has become.After baseballa#39;s testing program started, players mostly began using substitutes like Propenate, Anavar, Primobolan, and ... In order to get the full effect, a complete cycle takes as long as twelve weeks, which can difficult for a ballplayer whoanbsp;...

Title:Bases Loaded
Author:Kirk Radomski
Publisher:Penguin - 2009-01-27


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