Basic Circuit Analysis

Basic Circuit Analysis

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This is a non-calculus based circuit analysis text that can be offered in the first term. It could also be used by students as supplementary material for self study and as an additional source of information. Problem solutions are provided for all the problems in the book in order to provide the student with an extensive source of worked examples. Both DC and AC steady state circuit analysis are covered by introducing circuit analysis concepts with DC circuits containing sources and resistors using simpler math and then expanding the analysis to AC circuits containing sinusoidal sources, resistors, capacitors, and inductors using more complex math. Topics such as series, parallel, and series/parallel circuits, Ohma€™s law, Kirchhoffa€™s voltage and current laws, voltage and current divider rules, superposition, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, Pi-T circuit transformations, nodal voltage analysis method, frequency analysis, and Bode plots are covered.1 joule per second and 1 volt-amp are defined as 1 watt. Example 1-3. How much current flows through a 100 watt 120 volt bulb? Substituting these values into Equation (1-4) yields 0.833 amps. P VI or 100 watts 120 volts I amps 100 wattsanbsp;...

Title:Basic Circuit Analysis
Author:H Michael Thomas
Publisher:H Michael Thomas - 2012-12-19


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