Basics Photography 01

Basics Photography 01

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Strong images only come about through a combination of technical excellence and thorough composition. While there is plenty of technical advice, photographers often turn to fine-art sources for the so-called 'rules of composition'. This book, however, acknowledges photography's quite different dynamic and offers a contemporary approach to composition more suited to the medium. The second edition of Basics Photography 01: Composition offers a contemporary approach to composition. Its six core chapters cover historical background and personal motivation, formal elements, space and time within the photographic frame and composition in real-world situations. The Basics Photography series, originally published by AVA Publishing, comprises a collection of titles including: Lighting, Composition, Capturing Colour, Post-Production Black a White, Post-Production Colour, Working in Black a White and Exposure. Easily accessible and highly readable, the books clearly explain and explore fundamental photographic concepts; they are fully indexed and illustrated with clear diagrams and inspiring imagery, building to provide an essential introduction to the subject.... no colours. Our eyes, computer screens and camera sensors all work with the red, green and blue components of white light. ... Added together they make black; in printing all other colours can be made from the subtractive primary colours.

Title:Basics Photography 01
Author:David Prakel
Publisher:A&C Black - 2012-08-01


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