Basketball's Most Wanted™ II

Basketball's Most Wanted™ II

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Basketball has so many great stories, so many interesting anecdotes-about college and pro teams, players from all levels, announcers, and even owners-that one book just isn't enough to hold it all. That's why Potomac Books, Inc. is introducing Basketball's Most Wanteda„c II: The Top 10 Book of More Hotshot Hoopsters, Double Dribbles, and Roundball Oddities. With even more fun tales and interesting facts from the world of hoops, there's something in here for all fans of basketball. Which NBA team attempted to draft a player straight out of high school in 1969-a female player from the Iowa six-on-six league? What standard features in today's NBA were originally introduced in the renegade American Basketball Association? Who are the best three-point shooters in both the pros and college? Which high school team had an amazing four future NBA players on its roster? With which team did Wilt Chamberlain begin his professional career? (Hint: It wasn't an NBA team.) You'll find the answers to all those questions and so much more in Basketball's Most WantedAo II, including the best and worst basketball movies, the most shocking NCAA tournament upsets, top names from basketball's qAsian invasion, q and even guys who played one game-and only one game-in the NBA. So join David L. Hudson, Jr. as he looks at the amazing and the amusing, the wacky and the wonderful, the best and worst of everything basketball has to offer. It's a slam dunk!Ziggy attended the ABA ownersa#39; meetings, had his own seat for home games, and flew first-class to road games. ... Ziggya€”whose full name was Champion Gaystock Le Monsignora€”was a Brussels Griffon show dog that won more than 100anbsp;...

Title:Basketball's Most Wanted™ II
Author:David L. Hudson, Jr.
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2005-10-01


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