Bats Sing, Mice Giggle

Bats Sing, Mice Giggle

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qBats Sing, Mice Giggleq tracks many years of research by hundreds of scientists that reveals how wild animals, as well as pets, have inner, secret lives of which until recently - although many animal lovers will have instinctively believed it - we have had little proof. The authors show how animal 'friends' stay in touch, and how they warn and help each other in times of danger; how some animals problem-solve as or in some instances even more effectively than humans - and how they regulate, create, and entertain themselves and others. They show how animals express grief and reverence in ways we never thought possible. From the sleep patterns of some owls, birds and horses, as well as porpoises, who go to sleep in only one half of their brains at a time; to how schools of electric fish give off complex signals of one frequency to communicate with their mates and another frequency to locate their prey, and how Polar bears tune into quantum 'radio stations' to sense prey as far away as ten miles and under the snow, qBats Sing, Mice Giggleq provides an unparalleled insight into animals' secret lives.Bats have a heightened sense of touch on many parts of their bodies, from the whiskers to the delicate skin on their webbed wings to ... This touchbased response is so ingrained in bats that bat pups are even born feet first and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they have exceptionally large feet. ... Not being able to do so would mean a fall and certain death among the creatures inhabiting the bottom of the cave.

Title:Bats Sing, Mice Giggle
Author:Karen Shanor, Jagmeet Kanwal
Publisher:Icon Books - 2010-05-01


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