Bawling Sugar Soul (Miki Radicci Book 5)

Bawling Sugar Soul (Miki Radicci Book 5)

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Miki Radicci has helped bring a few killers to justice and made a few enemies the last few months. But which one has it out to frame her for murder. The night starts off fun. A club, a drink, a guy, and a perfect end. The next morning, Miki Radicci wakes up to find the guy dead in her bed. As far as she can tell - through one of her psychic visions - she was the one who killed him. And the police think so too. As more evidence arises, Miki is convinced that she didna€™t murder anyone. With the help of her family and friends within and outside the law, she sets out on a fast-paced man hunt for a mysterious woman who may be a ghost or just a shade of evil from her past.will kickstart your parental device and make you want to say something. But you haveto restrain yourselfa€ a€œYoua#39;re my granddaughter. My only grandchild. How couldI not say something?a€ a€œPromise me?a€ He mumbles something in Italian. a€œ Fine.

Title:Bawling Sugar Soul (Miki Radicci Book 5)
Author:M.E. Purfield
Publisher:trash books - 2014-10-05


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