Bayou Boy and the Wolf Dog

Bayou Boy and the Wolf Dog

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One night after Wolf Boy deafeats an English Stafforshire, he escapes, then travels over a 400 miles, and finally reaches Willa Webbera€™s family just as they are moving to New Orleans. The moving van wrecks and Willaa€™s German Shepherd puppy is rescued by Old Howler, an old gray wolf, with aching dugs, because she has lost her pups to hunters. Old Howler takes the pup to her den in the swamp, nurses it, then makes kills for it, and trains him in wolf ways. Heart-broken, Willa comes to the swamp with her father and Aunt Maggy and begs Jean to look for her puppy. Jean , impressed by the girl, keeps his word, but it takes him a long time to find the animal. Old Howler, though cunning, is old, and no match for the younger male wolf and his mate. Finally, the two gray wolfs surprise Old Howler, and Wolf Boy arrives too late to save her. Jean discovers the dog and uses fresh meat to entice him to come home. Jean captures Wolf Boy in the smokehouse. People come from afar to see the wolf-dog. Brush Lockwood, a dog fighting thug, steals Wolf Boy, takes him far away, and fights him in several states. Wolf Boy is undefeated. But he hates his masterhomea€”Jeana€™s home. Willa comes up from New Orleans, but decides to leave Wolf Boy with Jean.Then, while her adopted baby lay sound asleep in the pile of leaves, she crawled out to the opening, and with her head outside she looked out on the swamp. ... Her mate had disappeared two months before, and since he had had several clashes with these two grey wolves and their offspring on this ... She weighed more than a hundred pounds, and despite her age, she could fight like a mountain lion.

Title:Bayou Boy and the Wolf Dog
Author:George Harmon Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-06-01


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