Beads on a Bracelet

Beads on a Bracelet

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Beads on a Bracelet follows explosive events at an airport that change the lives of three people forever. Roland is a drunk who has spent his life trying to hide from memories that do not belong to him. Emily is a child, kidnapped by a couple who hate her parents. Alex is an irresponsible self-obsessed man intent on destroying his life. As their lives become entangled they learn about each other and themselves. Roland tries to perform one final act of altruism before his illness kills him. Alex discovers how low he can sink before he can turn himself around. And Emily, with the help of Alex and Roland, discovers who she really is. Sometimes nothing is how it seems. her telling him about how she had responsibility for processing everyonea#39;s accounts. Her gossiping to ... Admittedly. it had taken him another six weeks to get the signatures of all the major players in his new game. ... Alex made sure she saw big receipts for these items. but half the time the receipts were for things hea#39;danbsp;...

Title:Beads on a Bracelet
Author:Emily Kumar - 2004-07-01


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