Beat about the Bush

Beat about the Bush

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Revealing fascinating insights into the mysterious lives of birds native to the mother continent, this remarkable guide exhibits the many vibrantly colorful species found in the South African bush. Providing an in-depth discourse on all aspects of bird lifea€”detailing their myriad forms, survival strategies in a harsh landscape, breeding and feeding behaviors, movements, migrations, preferred habitat, unique behavioral patterns, and vocalizationsa€”this comprehensive manual also expertly advises on how to easily and accurately identify each individual species. Populated with more than 900 brilliantly vivid photographs and exhaustively researched to fill the gap in existing literature and field guides, this essential reference will delight nature lovers, tourists, birdwatchers, and bush lovers alike.Swifts tend to have platform or cup-shape nests, which are made from feathers and plant materials that are invariably ... mixed with saliva to bind the building materials (where mud is used), while a number of swifts bind their nests only with saliva. ... for the african palm-swift, but this species can then be differentiated from swallows by the very long scimitar-like wings. ... sleeping at altitude a€“ some species stay up for a whole day or night, and when migrating can feasibly stay up for days.

Title:Beat about the Bush
Author:Trevor Carnaby
Publisher:Jacana Media - 2009-01-06


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