Beat Culture

Beat Culture

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The coverage of this book ranges from Jack Kerouac's tales of freedom-seeking Bohemian youth to the frenetic paintings of Jackson Pollock, including 60 years of the Beat Generation and the artists of the Age of Spontaneity. * Over 250 Aa€“Z entries on the most important people, places, movements, themes, and scholarship, including entries on related cultural movements outside the United States, which set the Beats in an international context * A chronology highlighting artistic and historical events including the legendary poetry reading by Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, and others at the 6 Gallery * Over 40 illustrations of Beat clothing, the Beat qpad, q and the styles and tastes of the period * Images of the most photographed literary group in history and maps of their travels, such as Jack Kerouac and his legendary freight train journeys across the United States and Mexico... in 1984; editor George Plimptona#39;s The Beat Writers at Work: The Paris Review, 1999, offers interviews with Burroughs, ... 1998; Americaa#39;s Red Scares are described in Robert K. Murray, Red Scare: A Study in National Hysteria, 1919a€“ 1920, 1955, and ... Though Freud eventually viewed the libido as a speculative concept, Reich seized upon the idea and theorized that the ... Cotton, wool, or plastic absorbed the orgone energy, and steel and iron attracted and transferred the energy, anbsp;...

Title:Beat Culture
Author:William Lawlor
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2005-01-01


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