Beauty Behind The Mask

Beauty Behind The Mask

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Melanie Brown's debut novel Beauty Behind The Mask, is a magical story based on her past life memories of living in the 13th century as a healer always hiding her true self for fear of being condemned as a witch. a man she comes to despise and that man has been arranged to marry her when she comes of age. her heart lye's with his half brother Julius. death, poverty and starvation and disease are rife, secrets hidden, outlaws and fights, tales to be told. the memories where small fragments like shattered glass to I linked them together with fantasy, passion and the heart.She tells him that, in her time, good men are hard to find and that if you are lucky to find one, hold on to him, love and cherish him. He will ... he laughs a€œyou are young and have not seen the world I come from a faraway land, far across the sea where the sun is so hot that you get a sun tan easily ita#39;s a country called Indiaa#39; a#39;. ... I awake to the sound of my sisters snoring, so I go outside and put some coffee on.

Title:Beauty Behind The Mask
Author:Melanie Brown
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-03-16


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