Become A Session Guitarist

Become A Session Guitarist

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In this book, you will discover what session work is, the different types of work you might come across and whether you can make a living from it. Ia€™ll explain how good you have to be to actually get work and the steps you can take today in order to become good enough. Ia€™ll talk you through the essential pieces of gear you will need. You will at some point have to audition, I will talk you through how to prepare and what to expect. Wea€™ll also deal with overcome rejection.You will need to make sure you can play comfortably and confidently on your range of guitars and that you get no unwanted noise or fret buzz. Pedal-boards will need to be checked regularly for broken/damage items, for cables that need to be changed out, and youa#39;ll need to find a way to get rid of buzzes quickly and carry all the gear to do so (e.g. spare power cables, power supplies, noise gates etc.).

Title:Become A Session Guitarist
Author:Ashley Saunders
Publisher:Mr Ashley Saunders -


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