Before They Cried

Before They Cried

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Hypnotized a few years back, the author envisioned that she went to a previous life as a young Cherokee girl. Although she is a Christian, this was a life-changing event that brought her peace. This is the story of that girl. All she wanted was to play and explore but it was a dark time in our history. Her beloved grandma was a profound influence in her life as she blossomed into a strong young woman. Her spirit animal led her on the path to knowledge and wisdom. She found love and discovered truth. Life threw tragedy in her path yet she persevered. The Trail of Tears is chronicled history for those who want to learn about it. Georgia, actually the eastern seacoast, was the true home of the Tsa-la-gi before 1838 when they were forced to walk eight hundred miles in winter to Indian Territory. Some compare it to the Holocaust. This story is fictional with historical events. The author studied The Swimmer Manuscript Cherokee Sacred Formulas and Medical Prescriptions written by James Moody along with many others in order to depict some of the events leading up to the removal and the fascinating beliefs and rituals of the Cherokee. Pre-Columbian America was inhabited by many rich, intelligent cultures. They built pyramids and advanced cities. They developed corn and potatoes, knew the healing power of plants, and kept America in pristine condition. These things baffle scientists of today. Many believe that the ten lost tribes of Israel came to America and that Native Americans are children of Israel. Scholars have documented many similarities between their spiritual beliefs and the teachings of the Bible. There is another theory.I believe she is my a#39;power animal, a#39; and I love her!a€ Us-di sang and danced in a circle. ... are the smartest cousin (gusdi) in the world! That is a great plan, and I cana#39;t wait to go across the river and meet my teacher, my protector, my spirit guide!

Title:Before They Cried
Author:Karen Cresswell
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-03-11


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