Beginning Android 3D Game Development

Beginning Android 3D Game Development

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Beginning Android 3D Game Development is a unique, examples-driven book for today's Android and game app developers who want to learn how to build 3D game apps that run on the latest Android 5.0 (KitKat) platform using Java and OpenGL ES. Android game app development continues to be one of the hottest areas where indies and existing game app developers seem to be most active. Android is the second best mobile apps eco and arguably even a hotter game apps eco than iOS. 3D makes your games come alive; so in this book you'll find that we go in depth on creating 3D games for the Android platform with OpenGL ES 2.0 using an original case study game called Drone Grid. Moreover, this book offers an extensive case study with code that will be modular and re-useable helping you create your own games using advanced vertex and fragment shaders. Drone Grid is a game app case study that is somewhat similar to the best selling Geometry Wars game series utilizing a gravity grid and colorful abstract graphics and particles. After reading and using this book, you'll be able to build your first 3D Android game app for smartphones and tablets. You may even be able to upload and sell from popular Android app stores like Google Play and Amazon Appstore. What youa€™ll learn How to build 3D game apps using Android SDK, NDK and OpenGL ES What are the Android SDK and NDK APIs most useful for 3D game development How to get a 3D Math Review for game development How to build 3D graphics using OpenGL ES How to create various motion patterns How to set up a game environment: gravity grid, sounds and heads-up display How to create the characters, including the player and its enemies or targets How to develop a rich menu system with high score table How to build a 3D game app using case study offered in book Who this book is for This book is for Android developers who want a quick start but detailed enough guide for making 3D games that run on the Android platform using Java and the OpenGL ES. This book is also for game developers who are new to the Android platform and want to learn how to create their own 3D games for Android. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Java on Android 3. 3D Math Review 4. 3D graphics using OpenGL ES 2.0 5. Motion and Collision 6. Game Environment 7. Drone Grid Case Study: Creating the Player 8. Drone Grid Case Study: Creating the Enemies 9. Drone Grid Case Study: The User Interface 10. The Final Drone Grid Game 11. The Android Native Development Kit (NDK) 12. Publishing and Marketing your Final GameNext, I cover the basic Java program framework on Android for applications that specifically utilize OpenGL ES graphics. Finally, I provide a hands-on ... This section is not intended to be a Java reference manual. It is also not intended to coveranbsp;...

Title:Beginning Android 3D Game Development
Author:Robert Chin
Publisher:Apress - 2014-03-11


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