Beginning ASP.NET using C#

Beginning ASP.NET using C#

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ASP.NET is the latest incarnation of Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) - a powerful server-based technology, designed to create dynamic and interactive HTML pages for your Web site, or corporate intranet. ASP.NET also constitutes a core element in Microsoft's .NET vision, providing web-based access to an immensely powerful new development environment, .NET; in this respect alone, it's a great leap ahead of all previous versions of ASP. This book will provide you with a step-by-step introduction to ASP.NET using C#, with plenty of worked examples that will help you to gain a deep understanding of what ASP.NET is all about, and how you can harness it to build powerful web applications. Wrox has published two editions of Beginning ASP.NET, one presenting code samples in C#, the other in VB.NET, with sample downloads available in both languages. This book is aimed at relatively inexperienced web builders who are looking to enrich their sites with dynamically-generated content, and want to learn how to start building web applications using ASP.NET. Developers who have a little experience with previous versions of ASP (and are looking to move over to ASP.NET), may also find this book helpful in getting a simple grasp on what ASP.NET is, what it does, and how it can be used.Experience of basic HTML is required, but previous experience of ASP is not essential. We'll be teaching the basics of C# in this book, so prior experience of C# is not required.Save this as C : \ BegASPNET \ chO 4 \ conversion . aspx. 3. ... get when you start importing data from, say, an HTML form: string strEarn = aquot;150aquot;; string strTax = aquot; 23.0aquot;; Then we convert the strings to numerical types: double dblEarn = Convert .

Title:Beginning ASP.NET using C#
Author:Rob Birdwell, Ollie Cornes, Chris Goode, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Juan T. Llibre, Christopher L. Miller, Neil Raybould, David Sussman, Chris Ullman
Publisher:Apress - 2001-11-15


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