Beginning Blender

Beginning Blender

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A new world of creative possibilities is opened by Blender, the most popular and powerful open source 3D and animation tool. Blender is not just free software; it is also an important professional tool used in animated shorts, television commercials, and shows, as well as in production for films like Spiderman 2. Lance Flavell's Beginning Blender will give you the skills to start shaping new worlds and virtual characters, and perhaps lead you down a new professional path. Beginning Blender covers the Blender 2.5 release in-depth. The book starts with the creation of simple figures using basic modeling and sculpting. It then teaches you how to bridge from modeling to animation, and from scene setup to texture creation and rendering, lighting, rigging, and ultimately, full animation. You will create and mix your own movie scenes, and you will even learn the basics of games logic and how to deal with games physics. Whether you are new to modeling, animation, and game design, or whether you are simply new to Blender, this book will show you everything you need to know to get your 3D projects underway. What youa€™ll learn How to create models using sculpt mode, extrusion modeling, and more Go beyond playing with color to learn procedural texturing and UV mapping How to use light and depth of focus to make are realistic-looking model Adding rigging and realistic animation Using the compositor for movie mixing and lip-syncing animations How to put the games engine and physics to work to create full-featured games Who this book is for This book appeals to all who are starting out in 3D, animation, and games design. It also appeals to those who know about 2D design and photography and would like to expand their skill set. Table of Contents History and Installation The Interface Modeling Lighting and Procedural Textures UV Mapping Curves and NURBS Basic Rigging and Animation Advanced Rigging Making Movies Particles and Physics The Game Engine Going Further Companies That Use Blender Blender and GPL Terms of Use GNU Public License OpenContent LicenseOpen Source 3D Modeling, Animation, and Game Design Lance Flavell ... Think in terms of Shrek, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Kung-Fu Panda, VeggieTales, and so on. ... sequence editor, making it possible to cut and edit movie strips without having to rely on extra third-party applications for the final editing stage of production. ... has been used in real-life projects a€c How to download and install Blender on your own machine Note Blender is also an open source program.

Title:Beginning Blender
Author:Lance Flavell
Publisher:Apress - 2010-12-30


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