Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development

Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development

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Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development gets you started with building apps that use Apple's iCloud. You'll learn the techniques which will enable you to devise and create iOS apps that can interact with iCloud servers. From the basics up, you'll progressively learn how to configure your app for iCloud, upload and download files, implement revisions, add conflict resolution policies, and work with custom documents. There's more! You'll learn how to integrate iCloud with Core Data based applications. Besides technical advice, you'll find suggestions and best practices to design the interaction of iCloud-driven applications. According to many industry sources, analysts, and shows, Apple will rely more and more on iCloud or web apps in the cloud to store and stream data-intensive media and other kinds of apps. As the majority of apps use some sort of dataa€”and that only will grow as apps become more complex with rich and streaming mediaa€”this book shows developers how to create apps for iCloud, Apple's new cloud computing storage and data service. What youa€™ll learn How to use, design, and develop for iCloud, including iOS data-driven apps, media apps and more How to work with documents in iCloud How to create custom documents in iCloud How to work with Core Data and iCloud Who this book is for This book is for iOS developers who want to build apps for or that use the new iCloud platform. Table of Contents Cloud Database Development: The Basics Introduction to The Cloud Applications for the Cloud Basic Setup of iCloud and Key-Value Storage iCloud Document Storage with Core Data and UIDocument iCloud with Core Data Connections, Testing, and Submission for AppleFixed access data streaming comparison (Source: Sandvine Network Demographics) Upstream Downstream Aggregate ... HTTP 11.7% 4 Netflix 4.51 % BitTorrent 5.89% BitTorrent 10.3% 5 SSL 3.73% iTunes 3.92% iTunes 3.43% 6 YouTube ... to go to different company or decided to use your prices, and you felt like that was the end of his job that day, you can, within a short amount of time, disable his application. ... But leta#39;s just say you have an application that has multiple platforms.

Title:Beginning iOS Cloud and Database Development
Author:Nathan Ooley, Nick Tichawa, Brian Miller
Publisher:Apress - 2013-12-24


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