Behind the Curtain: The Job of Acting

Behind the Curtain: The Job of Acting

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Peter Bowles invites us backstage to witness the job of acting as it really is. This is a warm-hearted look at thelived experience of a jobbing actor a€“ and a survival guide to anyone thinking of entering this most emotionally gruelling of industries. Behind the Curtain is the inside scoop on a€˜the professiona€™as told by a master raconteur a€“ one who has trodden the boards in the West End for five decades. Armed with an array of classic anecdotes, Bowles shares some of the infamous ad-libs, opening night disasters and dressingroom dramas that he has been party to over the years. Full of sage advice about the pitfalls of celebrity and thefluctuating fortunes of an actor a€“ and his own journey fromTV stardom to the labour exchange and back again. With tales of some biggest personalities in the historyof showbiz such as Michael Gambon, Noel Coward, Rex Harrison, Laurence Olivier a John Gielgud, this is a book that captures the acting professionin all its eccentric glory.Patrick did so many voiceovers during his career he was able to build his own voiceover/dubbing studios. The first, but not the ... These actors would have a#39; bleepersa#39; (before the mobile phone) which would tell them they had another voiceover, and it would always be just up the street. ... These clever and talented actors made hundreds of thousands of pounds in those heady days, just doing a#39; voiceoversa#39;.

Title:Behind the Curtain: The Job of Acting
Author:Peter Bowles
Publisher:Oberon Books - 2012-06-12


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