''Being Black''

''Being Black''

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My book is an autobiography of my life. It shows the up and downs of the Black Man living in a society in which he really has no great impact on his way of living, outside of getting an education, and trying to be an upright man. There were some good and bad times in my life, some of which I had no control over, some of which I regret making the wrong choices. I would like the young readers to understand that there are many obstacles placed in your way on the road from young man to adulthood. It is up to them to make the choices in their life that will set them apart from the average Black Man in America today. We have been stigmatized and harassed over the years, but we must be able to stand tall and hold our heads high. Bring your children up instilling in them right from wrong, and let them know they can make a difference in this world today. The book shows the good times, many bad times and the will I had to be a good American, and man overall. Funny a€“ Sad a€“ LoveableIt purchased a four cylinder, 1998 GMC Sonoma. Myfirst job with SiemensWestinghouse was at the Lakeland Florida Electric GeneratingPlant. This site was ownedby thecity andwas stillunder warranty with Siemens for all service work.

Title:''Being Black''
Author:Charles W. Sharp Jr
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-02-18


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