Belt Buckles & Pajamas

Belt Buckles & Pajamas

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Daphne is a young woman with a troubled past. With her in the sanitarium are a strange collection of people who both hinder and help her as she tries to heal from an abusive childhood. Glen, the protector. Theodore, the wise. Stuart, the paranoid. Violet, the nymphomaniac. Pet Shop, the zookeeper. Shy Boy, the drooler. And Andie, the therapist who finally reaches through to Daphne. A story with sadness, horror, comedy, hate, love and redemption. Belt Buckles a Pajamas is intended for mature audiences, as it deals with a young woman's recovery from childhood abuse, and some of the situations are not suitable for younger readers. The novel contains some humorous moments to lighten the story. It is a story about the redemptive power of love and the strength of the human spirit.Andie eats two burgers, I cana#39;t believe she can eat that much but I guess all that running around with Kareem and Pet Shop and Violet and ... Even Andie thought that one was funny, and she tries not to laugh at any of the sex jokes we make.

Title:Belt Buckles & Pajamas
Author:Michele LeBlanc
Publisher:Kanapolis Fog Pub. Emporium - 2007-05


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