"Bergmann's Team"

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Bergmann's Team continues Guy and Nita's effort to acquire a Human Team to assist Banderat and Striver engineers in diverting the comets threatening Earth. The core of their team: Guy, Nita and the Twins, demonstrate they can go EVA and perform well in space outside the Striver starship Dawn Star, surprising both Strivers and Banderat. They recruit NASA trained astronauts to join them; the Team moves up to qTerra Houseq aboard the starship for the interim, training before the comets reach Mars. Guy and the Twins rescue four young Banderat juveniles and put down a Banderat mutiny, freeing a captured Striver trooper, demonstrating Humans possess altruism and will fight when compelled. They augment their team and begin preparing Earth's governments for the oncoming comet storm. They make plans for post-comet business and plan for space tourism as one way to pay for routine access to orbital life and business.The camera panned slowly across the Martian desert surface; an dusty Patrol Car stood grounded on the sand some distance from the cameraa#39;s location to give an ... The imagery was strikingly similar to the Mars Rover imagery from the late a#39;90a#39;s , as it would have to be. ... The second comet will make it wetter, and a much more attractive world for exploration and eventual settlement. ... So think ahead to what you might do with a whole world, a€ Far Batwing asked, rhetorically and waited.

Title:"Bergmann's Team"
Author:George G. Pinneo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-03-02


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