Berit Olam: 2 Samuel

Berit Olam: 2 Samuel

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King David ranks among the most intriguing persons in the Hebrew Bible. The Second Book of Samuel tells the story of David's kingship-his public successes and his private foibles. The narrator's rehearsal of this story, as questioning as it is vivid, glimpses the secrets of David's heart. In this commentary, Craig E. Morrison focuses on the aesthetics of the qart of the tellingq: how does the narrator succeed in breathing life into his portrait of David? How does he draw the reader into his story? This commentary is intended to accompany the reader's encounter with this ancient masterpiece so that one might cheer with David as he dances before the ark of God and weep with him as he grieves the death of his rebel son Absalom. Morrison's careful reading of 2 Samuel brings the reader face-to-face with David, whose multifaceted character eludes facile labels.When we heartily agree, the narratora#39;s craft is a success! ... The narratora#39;s comment that a€œDavid made a name for himselfa€ (8:13; translation mine) recalls Goda#39;s promise to make Davida#39;s name great (7:9). ... in which he defeated Hadadezera#39;s allies and his aramean mercenaries, which is recounted later in 2 Samuel 10:15-19, anbsp;...

Title:Berit Olam: 2 Samuel
Author:Craig E. Morrison
Publisher:Liturgical Press - 2013-11-12


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