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In the wake of the 2001 September eleventh terrorist attacks, the New York Times reported that the New York CIA station, headed by a woman, was located in a building of the World Trade Center complex. When the Trade Towers came down, the adjacent CIA office was destroyed as well. Business people and students going overseas were recruited by this CIA station to gather intelligence information while abroad. This is the story of one such person, the challenges he faced, and the effect of his longstanding relationship with the CIA Station Chief.By that time, Fran was aware that Gurubhava would not exhibit her clairvoyance without good reason. ... of it, display the fact that she somehow knew the two of them were employed by the same company, by saying, a€œyou work together. ... Frequently some sort of guidance was conveyed in her words, which were often brief and enigmatic, the significance of ... Fran thought that it was ridiculous for B.D. to have to pay her share of rent for an apartment, since she spent nearly all the timeanbsp;...

Author:Craig S. Bell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-03-04


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