Best Friends

Best Friends

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qSinjin the badly burned black cat. . .who survived to welcome others home Victor the abandoned Australian Shepherd mix. . . the capo among dogs Tyson and Tommy, two tiny black kittens. . .who had something to teach us all Discover Best Friends A Place Where Every Animal Is Safe. . .Loved. . .And Never, Ever Killed In the summer of 1982, a group of young men and women pooled every penny they had and bought 3, 000 acres of high desert called Angel Canyon, Utah. It was to become the most famous qno--killq animal sanctuary in the world. . .a haven for over 2000 furry and feathered friends including stiff--legged Benton who is qchairpurrsonq of the TLC club. . .the infamous Goatie, comforter of horses. . .Baa Baa Ram Das, the sheep who teaches lessons. . .and Amra, the gigantic Malamute who is sheriff of Dogtown backed up by his deputy Rhonda, the tiny terrier who took one look at him and fell in love.Dolores took to mailing a donation from time to time, and the two women struck up a long-distance friendship. ... aquot;I need to check with Dr. Christy what his vet bill might be. ... aquot;You dona#39;t look too well, aquot; Charity said, getting up from the table.

Title:Best Friends
Author:Samantha Glen
Publisher:Kensington Books - 2001-02-01


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