Betrayal of Indian Democracy

Betrayal of Indian Democracy

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Freedom From Alien Subjugation On 15Th August 1947, Was The Monumental And Immemorable Triumph Of The Consolidated, Consistent, Heroic And Patriotic Endeavours Of The Teeming Millions Of Indians Without Any Ethnic Discrimination. It Is, Neither The Monopoly Nor The Prerogative, Of Any Particular Political Party Or Any Individual To Sustain And Cherish It, Because We Have Pledged It To Be A Collective National Duty. It S Dereliction Is Treachery. In The Constitution Of India Adopted By The People On 26Th January 1950, This Pledge Is Ordained Under Article 51 A, Which Inter Alia Mandates Cherish And Follow The Noble Ideals Which Inspired National Struggle For Freedom; To Uphold And Protect Its Integrity; To Promote Harmony And Spirit Of Common Brotherhood Amongst All Indians; TranscendAnIng Religious, Linguistic, Regional, Sectional Diversities, To Value And Preserve Rich Heritage Of The Composite Culture And To Strive Towards Excellence In All Spheres Of Individual And Collective Activity So That The Nation, ConAnStantly, Rises To Higher Levels Of Endeavour And Achievement . And This Pledge Has Been Grossly Betrayed.After 50 Years Of Independence When We Are Busy In Celebrating Its Golden Jubilee, Simultaneously, It Is Time For Honest, Sincere And Conscious Introspection Whether The Country And Its Citizens Acquired And Sustained All-Round Progress; Whether There Is Economic Stability; Deprivation From Unemployment, Poverty, Hunger, Ill-Literacy, Insurgency And Terrorism. Whether There Is Throughout Peace And Tranquillity, Control On Crimes And Criminals And Justice Through The Rule Of Law . Contrarily, People Witness Pervading Anarchy And Chaos. In Phases, Joy Turned Into Gloom, Sorrow, Grief, Despair And Finally Distress Leaving The Ill-Fated Countrymen To Scour Out The Positive Answer Whether They Betrayed The Mother Land, Or The Political Parties And Their Leaders, Who Administered For Five Decades, Betrayed Them And The Country. In This Book, Betrayal Of Indian Democracy, The Saga Of Perfidy Has Been High-Lighted In Truthful, Forthright And Incisive Manner Along With The Molecular Analysis Of The Factors, Contributing To The Prevalent Socio-Economic And Political Debacle; Which Cumulatively Threaten National Catastrophe .Repeated such schemes in the last 30 years had made tax payers optimistic of getting a better deal in the next VDIS. Wanchoo Committee report of 1970 which suggested that. a disclosure scheme was an extraordinary measure meant foranbsp;...

Title:Betrayal of Indian Democracy
Author:M. B. Chande
Publisher:Atlantic Publishers & Dist - 1999-01-01


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