Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds

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The movement toward Neo-Paganism is a much maligned and often misunderstood one. 'Between the Worlds' investigates this trend toward pre-monotheistic worship on its own terms. This book focuses on what Neo-Paganism practitioners tend to focus on; not the doomsday message of Adventist-type cults, but the desire to find the female in the divine. For the first time ever, this book unites essential readings by leading academics and well-known practitioners all over the world, including Canada. It features the work of Starhawk, Ronald Hutton, Michael York, Graham Harvey, Jenny Blain, Helen A Berger, Wendy Griffith, alongside contemporary Canadian scholars including Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne, Lori G Beaman and Barbara Jane Davy.... their will to this wiccaning all the participants are asked to pick a piece of ribbon upon which they will make a wish for the childa#39;s future. ... The last two people to tie a ribbon on the branch are the childa#39;s parents, both of whom pick white, the colour ... admire the baby, and his mother opens the gifts that people have brought for hima€”baby blankets, clothing, and toys. Several people note how much the child looks like his father, who has said that he felt his wife was giving birth to him asanbsp;...

Title:Between the Worlds
Author:Sian Reid
Publisher:Canadian Scholars’ Press - 2006


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