Between Tsar and People

Between Tsar and People

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This interdisciplinary collection of essays on the social and cultural life of late imperial Russia describes the struggle of new elites to take up a qmiddle positionq in society--between tsar and people. During this period autonomous social and cultural institutions, pluralistic political life, and a dynamic economy all seemed to be emerging: Russia was experiencing a sense of social possibility akin to that which Gorbachev wishes to reanimate in the Soviet Union. But then, as now, diversity had as its price the potential for political disorder and social dissolution. Analyzing the attempt of educated Russians to forge new identities, this book reveals the social, cultural, and regional fragmentation of the times. The contributors are Harley Balzer, John E. Bowlt, Joseph Bradley, William C. Brumfield, Edith W. Clowes, James M. Curtis, Ben Eklof, Gregory L. Freeze, Abbott Gleason, Samuel D. Kassow, Mary Louise Loe, Louise McReynolds, Sidney Monas, John O. Norman, Daniel T. Orlovsky, Thomas C. Owen, Alfred Rieber, Bernice G. Rosenthal, Christine Ruane, Charles E. Timberlake, William Wagner, and James L. West. Samuel D. Kassow has written a conclusion to the volume.Educated Society and the Quest for Public Identity in Late Imperial Russia Edith W. Clowes, Samuel D. Kassow, James L. ... Roman Princeton University Press books are printed on acid-free paper and meet the guidelines for permanence andanbsp;...

Title:Between Tsar and People
Author:Edith W. Clowes, Samuel D. Kassow, James L. West
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 1991


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