Beyond Belief Into Knowing

Beyond Belief Into Knowing

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Join JoyBeth as she brings into awareness the real meaning of life. In a true chronicle of our times, this intimate telling of one woman's need to integrate spirituality and metaphysics into daily living, leads her into not only believing, but knowing that qTHERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN THISq. Pushing past a hard childhood, crippling and life-threatening diseases and mental blocks, this determined Being moves past ordinariness into the extraordinariness that is available to us all. Connecting mind-body-spirit, she explores many levels of earthly life and spiritual dimensions in order to reconnect with Soul. Through inner guidance, she becomes committed to The Higher Self Integration Process as she works her way through the various levels Of Soul Consciousness we all can choose to achieve while journeying here on Earth. Through her honesty and whole thinking abilities, she enables The Soul Journey we're all on to make real sense, encouraging us all to move past our confusions into an expanded and transformed understanding and way of living life.To help heal the three year old child within me that had experienced so much trauma--no wonder I had breathing problems, refused to talk, and had taken to hiding under tables-- I visualized very ... But I had a real thing about the girls named Joy who did not live up to the meaning of the word. So when I had gone through my various last name changes, I hadna#39;t even considered changing my name to Joy.

Title:Beyond Belief Into Knowing
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2001-01-01


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