Beyond Glory: Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words

Beyond Glory: Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words

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This first oral history of living Medal of Honor winners evokes Flags of Our Fathers with stirring accounts of patriotic valor. This New York Times best-selling account of battlefield courage celebrates the larger-than-life sacrifices of those awarded the nation's highest honor for valor in combat. Exclusive interviews with these twenty-four mena€”firsthand accounts of battlefield sacrifice from the greatest generation to Vietnam, along with before-and-after storiesa€”form the core of this classic work. The recipients, as portrayed here, represent a cross-section as diverse as America itselfa€”officers and enlisted men; African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians; men who went on to become famous (Daniel Inouye, James Stockdale, Bob Kerrey) and others who returned proudly to small towns. Beyond Glory, in the voices of these heroes, is a testament to the courage of the American nation.We get asked to talk to them whenever we attend the Medal of Honor conventions. That has changed my life. a€œAnd I feel I have ... So we meet so many people that you would never meet in your lifetime. Foreign dignitaries, go to embassies, stuffanbsp;...

Title:Beyond Glory: Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words
Author:Larry Smith
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2004-05-17


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