Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

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Rachel Cade is a bright, buoyant, ebony black eleven year old, growing up in the grey mono-culture of post war England. She is moved to a Salvation Army orphanage in the Cheshire countryside where she meets Tullerman - a tough, taciturn, emotionally scarred German boy three years her senior. The two outsiders form an unlikely alliance that builds into a strong, unbreakable emotional bond. Separated against their will, they embark on their different lives. Although polar opposites, and despite wildly contrasting life styles, the bond between them refuses to die. Tullerman remains Rachel's anchor throughout her troubled life and she rushes to her friend's support when tragedy strikes. While enjoying sustained international success, Rachel learns that Tullerman is facing a life changing challenge. She walks away from her wealthy life style and quietly travels to be with him. When they meet again, the balance of their relationship has fundamentally changed. Their friendship faces its greatest challenge.As the costume and make-up people worked on her in the afternoon, she looked out from her caravan and watched the worlda#39;s most ... At four oa#39;clock, as the bright orange African sun rolled across the wide Rift Valley and came into camera shot above the Mau ... Dressed in a long white silk kaftan, she moved in a swaying, effortless walk, and the camera was mesmerised as she grew larger in the lens.

Title:Beyond Measure
Author:J & M Beresford - 2015-04-13


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