Beyond the Black Box

Beyond the Black Box

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The black box is orangea€”and there are actually two of them. They house the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder, instruments vital to airplane crash analyses. But accident investigators cannot rely on the black boxes alone. Beginning with the 1931 Fokker F-10A crash that killed legendary football coach Knute Rockne, this fascinating book provides a behind-the-scenes look at plane wreck investigations. Professor George Bibel shows how forensic experts, scientists, and engineers analyze factors like impact, debris, loading, fire patterns, metallurgy, fracture, crash testing, and human tolerances to determine why planes fall from the skya€”and how the information gleaned from accident reconstruction is incorporated into aircraft design and operation to keep commercial aviation as safe as possible.Energyistheability to do work. From the conservation ofenergy, work and energy are equivalent. ... Conservation of energy requires thatthiswork reappear as energy stored inthe compressed air availablefor popping aballoon orexploding a anbsp;...

Title:Beyond the Black Box
Author:George Bibel
Publisher:JHU Press - 2010-12-29


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