Beyond the Lettered City

Beyond the Lettered City

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This book extends the conception of literacy beyond the written word to incorporate the visual. Focusing on the period of colonization in the Andean region the authors argue that the European cultural literacy that they imposed on the indigenous population was not just a tool for oppression and control but was used by the local people as a means to assert their own cultural identity.Thus, we spell out most abbreviations and generally (but not always) convert the letter a€œua€ to a€œva€ and the a€œfa€ to a€œs, a€ but we do not convert a€œya€ to a€œia€ or add the letter a€œha€ where it is missing. We do not include accent marks in our transcriptions, anbsp;...

Title:Beyond the Lettered City
Author:Joanne Rappaport, Tom Cummins
Publisher:Duke University Press - 2011-12-30


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