Beyond the Spanking Stick

Beyond the Spanking Stick

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Never before did a group of young American kids exceed the exploits of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in such a magnificent manner. The six Major brothers and their group of hellions grew up in the sleepy town of Kellogg, Idaho, uncovering the strangest of characters, confounding the police and local authorities, creating and operating the strangest of machines, and causing the most bizarre spectacles that are still being talked about decades later. Now, after the years of tale telling, the truth is now put into print for the very first time.The inconveniences involved with drinking and boating didna#39;t bother him at all; he kept it up all the time. Kit and ... Although they were only making a moderate speed of around thirty knots, the boat still shot the amazing forty-foot-long rooster tail of water off the back. ... Without anyone on board noticing, a low-profile, flashy red jet boat snuck up behind Jaws and slowly began to pass on the starboard side.

Title:Beyond the Spanking Stick
Author:Anthony J. Major
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-07


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