Beyond the Stone Arches

Beyond the Stone Arches

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Advance Praise for Beyond the Stone Arches qNow the world can share the life of this great man. In its intimate detail, this is a fascinating story that serves as a valuable introduction to the people of a country so important to us today.q-Walter Cronkite qA fascinating look at China from the point of view of an American medical missionary, this absorbing life of a quiet hero rings with authenticity and sheds light on the turbulent years from the late 1800s to 1932 that will be a revelation for most Western readers.q-Adeline Yen Mah, author of Falling Leaves qThis is a proud man's story of a father who lived a life of a medical missionary in China for forty years-a life of service, sacrifice, joy, and fulfillment. The pages turn easily and quickly with humor, care, and love. It's a jewel of a book that will remain with you forever.q-Jim Lehrer, The News Hour qA small gem. Edward Bliss embarked, against great odds, on a remarkable range of activities aimed at improving the livelihood of common people. He was a veritable one-man Peace Corps. His is an inspiring story that warms the heart and enriches the soul.q-H. T. Huang, author of Science and Civilization in China qIt took three years for Edward Bliss, M.D., to ascend the Min River in a convoy of three river junks in 1893, averaging fourteen miles a day. This was his first trip to Shaowu, which became his home for forty-two years, a tumultuous and dangerous time and place. His son tells the story of his father's life and work in fascinating detail, drawing on a trove of letters and extensive interviews with his father.q-Donald MacInnis, former Methodist missionary and China Program Director, National Council of Churches/USA... in 1960, delivered the keynote address at the Republican National Convention. He was a powerful member of the China lobby, supporting Jiang Jieshi, and some people, including Dwight Eisenhower, said he would make a good president.

Title:Beyond the Stone Arches
Author:Edward Bliss, Jr.
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2004-03-15


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