Beyond the Twelve-Ounce Curl

Beyond the Twelve-Ounce Curl

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Let's face it, good beer and food tastes great, but it is also full of calories. Those calories can wreak havoc to your health faster than you can say qpass me another beer q Well there is hope. Beyond The Twelve Ounce Curl was written specifically to help beer and food lovers get fit and lose weight without giving up good beer or food You will learn tips, ideas, strategies and suggestions based on my success over the last 25 years of balancing a love of good food and drink with a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your physical condition and/or lose some weight, reading this book can get you started down the road to better health. You will be able to make improvements in your health and fitness while still enjoying the good beer and food that you love. The book is loaded with straightforward information, including a step by step program that you can use to improve your health and fitness beginning right now. If you follow the basic ideas and concepts in this book and make a commitment to improve yourself, you will see results in these areas: Your Diet: You will learn how to manage your calorie intake and how to make smart decisions about the food you eat. Whether you are looking to lose weight or just eat healthier, I can help you get the most from your diet and still let you enjoy good beer and food. Your Heart: Discover the secret that allows you to control your workouts and build a healthy heart. You will be able to start down the road to aerobic fitness and all of the benefits it provides, like weight loss, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and more energy each and every day. Your Body: Gain back the strength and flexibility you once had by doing some basic exercises. Help your body endure the stresses of everyday life and qturn back the clockq on aging and muscle loss. Your Life: Learn how to make health and fitness part of your everyday routine and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. Being fit and eating well can actually go together. You will be able to take pride in the qnew youq and still enjoy the food and beer that you love. Not to mention that your friends will all be jealous of youThe other thing that is great about walking is that it burns a decent amount of calories, which means you will be able to use ... Here are some rough estimates on how many calories you can burn while walking: Walking 3.0 mph (20 minutes a mile) on flat ground 120 ... I call it a€œwogginga€, which is where I may walk 1/2 a mile, run a mile, then walk a mile, run another mile, and then finish with a 1/2 mile walk.

Title:Beyond the Twelve-Ounce Curl
Author:Mark Sinderson
Publisher:Mark Sinderson - 2010-12


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