Beyond Within

Beyond Within

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a€œHow can I carry on the responsibilities of life and still grow inwardly to find spiritual fulfilment?a€ When your yearning to know the purpose of life and the reality of God has you swimming against the tide, then the wisdom of one who has successfully crossed these waters is priceless. In this book Sri Chinmoy leads the way, with sound advice on how to integrate the highest spiritual aspirations into your daily life. Including essays, questions and answers, poetry and parables on: The spiritual journey; The human psyche and its inner workings; The transformation and perfection of the body; Reincarnation and spiritual evolution; Meditation; Using the soula€™s will to conquer lifea€™s problems; The relationship between the mind and physical illness; The purpose of pain and suffering; Overcoming fear of failure; Throwing away guilt; The psychic way to deal with the subconscious; and The Occult.A spiritual Master comes to you with a boat. He says ... If you say that you do not need anybodya#39;s help, if you want to swim across the sea of ignorance alone, then it is up to you. But how many years, how many incarnations will it take you?

Title:Beyond Within
Author:Sri Chinmoy
Publisher:Aum Publications - 2015-03-07


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