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BFP (Bureaucracy of Future Potential) is the story of Ebbi, a young cook working at a seaside restaurant in Maine. Although he is passionate about creating food, he is stifled from artistic expression at work because of forced conformity to Chef's orders and pre-written recipes. If he were given the artistic freedom to shine, the restaurant would be taken to new heights of popularity and become a culinary beacon for all to see. However, because bureaucracy stands in the way of its future potential, the restaurant will continue to serve the cliche dishes of American palettes and not the unique culinary artistry Ebbi dreams of.a€œHow else do you get teeth clean! Look, it says right here:a€ a€œFIGHTS CAVITIESa€ ... a€œCLINICALLY PROVEN TO WHITEN TEETHa€ ... a€œWITH BAKING SODAa€ ... a€œ PREVENTS GINGIVITIS FORMING BACTERIA AND PREMATURE TOOTH DECAYa€ .

Author:Aaron Zweig - 2007-06-01


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