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BIBLE BOMBSHELL! provides an astonishing new look at the Holy Scriptures, and what they're REALLY saying. Highly significant events have been easily a€œread overa€ by millions without being understood. This penetrating new study throws a bright light on the Scriptures, revealing things that have gone unnoticed before - the stunning capabilities of God ... why 12 tribes of Ishmael were created to balance the 12 tribes of Israel ... why Israel got great blessings and power, while Ishmael got only camels, desert --- and OIL ... why Ishmael and Israel have been opposed for thousands of years ... why God favors the l2 tribes of Israel and blessed them greatly ... why Israel is called a€œGod's Fightera€ ... why God has brought cursings on Israel, and will do so again, unless they keep God's commandments ... who are the l2 tribes of Israel in today's world? ...What are their modern identities ... by what names are they known in today's world? How U.S. President Barack Obama may figure in Bible prophecy ... what lies ahead when four powerful angels destroy one third of humanity! Why the ENTIRE BIBLE from Genesis 35 to Revelation 21 concerns ISRAEL!This scripture could be a reference to what happened in the U.S. presidential election of 2008. Barack Obama, a black man, became President of the United States, a nation formed, and dominated by white people for most of its history.

Author:J.P. Waitz
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09-16


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