Biceps Boom

Biceps Boom

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If you're sick of working out without seeing the size and definition you want in your arms, this is perfect for you. Biceps Boom is the 4 week workout plan from celebrity trainer Russ Howe PTI which teaches you cutting edge training techniques to keep you ahead of the game - and keep your training buddies wondering what you're doing (or taking) to get insane results! At times you are going to hate me. You're going to want to puke. You'll want to quit. But you're also going to see results - fast. Biceps Boom is the exact arm routine Russ Howe PTI uses with clients when they need to pack on muscle for a photo shoot or movie role. You hold in your hands a proven, results-driven formula. A relative qroad mapq for packing on lean size to your biceps and triceps in as little as 3 weeks! - full 4 week program! - proven macro-based muscle building diet! - qSick. Brutal. And tons of fun!q - Carl If you are ready to build the kind of head-turning guns which have people stopping you in the street to ask about your training routine, welcome to Biceps Boom.Therea#39;s so much variety in Biceps Boom, you could do it over and over again. However ... Q. a€œHey Russ, should I still do cardio alongside the Biceps Boom workout program? ... Q. a€œHey Russ, how much weight should I use on each exercise?

Title:Biceps Boom
Author:Russ Howe PTI
Publisher:Russ Howe PTI - 2014-07-23


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