Big Book of World Wide Web RFCs

Big Book of World Wide Web RFCs

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The emergence of the Web has done more to change Internetworking than any of the hundreds of applications that once defined the Internet. This volume includes all of the RFCs on the protocols determining how Web pages work, how Web servers interact with Web browsers, and how Web resources are identified and located by browsers and servers. This means complete documentation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), as well as the specifications for the Universal Resource Identifier (URI), Universal Resource Locator (URL), and Universal Resource Name (URN) mechanisms. This is essential, low-level information for anyone building and maintaining Web sites or designing and developing Web applications. Key Features * You may be able to read these specifications online, but if you want to read them while away from your computer, you must print them out; to share them with a coworker, you must print them out; to take notes, you must print them out * Rather than wading through countless RFCs, readers will quickly and easily access just what they're looking for, in a single book with an extensive index; This book presents a comprehensive collection of topic-specific documentation, providing all of the relevant RFCs, and eliminating the irrelevant * The author's introduction and glossary ensures that all terms are defined and that context is provided to the reader * This material that has never before been collected and indexed; A high-quality index means that readers no longer have to search through dozens of documents to find answers - all answers are included in a single book, and you can easily access just what you're looking for in the extensive index... schemevers schemetext schemeurl schemetype = aquot;template-type=aquot; scheme term schemevers = aquot; template-version=aquot; version-no term schemetext = aquot;template- description=aquot; newline desc term schemeurl = aquot;template-url-syntax=aquot; newline url- bnfanbsp;...

Title:Big Book of World Wide Web RFCs
Author:Peter Loshin
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann Pub - 2000-01-01


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