Big Fat Lies

Big Fat Lies

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'Diets and exercise won't help us lose weight. Vitamins and minerals are a waste of money and sometimes downright dangerous. Sugar makes us fat and sick. And polyunsaturated fat gives us cancer and works with sugar to give us heart disease. This book exists because I desperately hope that with a little knowledge we can all vote with out feet and change the rules of the game before the game kills us.' For decades we've been told to eat less, exercise more, eat less saturated fat, eat more polyunsaturated oils, and take vitamin and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. For decades this is what we've done, but the rates of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer have never been higher. The real culprits, David Gillespie tells us, are sugar and polyunsaturated oils. Analysing the latest scientific evidence, he shows us why the outlines a plan to avoid them both without missing out or 'dieting'. Gillespie exposes the powerful role the multibillion-dollar food, health and diet industries have played in promoting the health messages we follow or feel guilty about not following. Discovering the truth about diets, exercise, supplements and processed food is your first step towards improved health, greater happiness and a longer life for you and your family. 'Gillespie is an informed and entertaining writer who makes his subject fascinating, and inspires with his passion and logic.' G MAGAZINEOtherdrugcompanies started jumping onthebandwagon, and before long anewmarketsegment in statindrugs haddeveloped. The approval trials hadshown the drugsdid lower cholesterol (much more than and without all the nasty sideeffectsanbsp;...

Title:Big Fat Lies
Author:David Gillespie
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2012-02-22


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