Big Girls Don't Cry

Big Girls Don't Cry

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Sometimes Mr. Right couldn't be more wronga€b Thanks to a devastating revelation about her husband, Reenie Holbrook's once-perfect marriage is over. For eleven years she had the life she wanteda€”and now it's gone. Sometimes Mr. Wrong couldn't be more righta€b Reenie decides that the first step in recovering from her ordeal is to find work; after all, she has three young children to support. She's thrilled when she lands a job at Dundee High teaching historya€”until Isaac Russell, the man who triggered the unraveling of her marriage, accepts a temporary position teaching science. Then she's tempted to quit. Reenie doesn't care if the whole town admires Isaaca€band she won't admit that, secretly, she admires him, too. She doesn't want to see him or his sister in qherq town.a€œTheya#39;ve been looking for someone to replace Mrs. Merriweather for two years, so it was easy.a€ a€œMrs. Merriweather? ... a€œOr that yourbrother wasthe principal donor, who alsohappens tobe a national celebrityand coaches the varsity football team, a€ Lucky added. Reenie ... Icecream dripped off theend of Sabrinaa#39;s double chin. Reenie ... not willing forgive a€œWhy should I? The problemwona#39;t go away ifIdo.

Title:Big Girls Don't Cry
Author:Brenda Novak
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-03-17


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