Big Picture of the Bible

Big Picture of the Bible

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It's no secret! Everything we need to live a life full of success and purpose is in the Bible. Big Picture of the Biblea€”New Testament is the perfect companion to the greatest book of all timea€”the Bible! Journey through the New Testament and see how the story of Jesus Christ translates to Good News for us today! Big Picture of the Bible organizes events in historical sequence providing continuity and understanding of the overall message of the New Testament. God's Plan of Redemption and Salvation is emphasized throughout this study. Readers will see how Jesus Christ fulfilled the plan God laid out in the Old Testament.Jesus Heals Ten Lepers: (Luke 17:11-19) a€c As Passover drew near, Jesus and the disciples journeyed back south. When they reached a village between Galilee and Samaria, ten lepers cried out to Jesus for help. a€c Keeping their distance, theanbsp;...

Title:Big Picture of the Bible
Author:Lorna Daniels Nichols
Publisher:Lorna Daniels Nichols - 2009-02-01


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