Biggles and Cruise of the Condor

Biggles and Cruise of the Condor

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A dull murmur, like distant thunder, reached their ears and brought Biggles to his feet with a rush. 'What is it?' he gasped.-At the first sound Dickpa had leapt for the flashlight. 'Quick, ' he snapped, as the floor of the cave sagged sickeningly. 'Get out - it's an earthquake! Ah - stop!' he screamed. A visit to Biggles' uncle, Dickpa, lands Biggles, Algy and mechanic Smyth in a dangerous adventure looking for an ancient Inca treasure hoard.Biggles shook his head dubiously. a#39;Better without a#39;ema€”at least, without firearms, a#39; he replied. a#39;Whata#39;s the use? Even if there is a rough house, I cana#39;t very well use a gun; the police court proceedings would put the tin hat on the whole affair rightanbsp;...

Title:Biggles and Cruise of the Condor
Author:W E Johns
Publisher:Random House - 2008-09-04


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