Biggles Learns to Fly

Biggles Learns to Fly

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Adventures with amazing flying machines! SPECIAL MISSION It's the First World War and Biggles is just 17. The planes are primitive; combat tactics are non-existent; the only form of communication for pilots and their gunners is by hand signals. They are reliant on the skill of their fellow crew, their wit and, above all else, bravery. In hostile enemy skies, where instinct and fast reactions are everything, Biggles must learn to be a real fighter pilot, or die...but does he have what it takes?round~faced, cheerfula#39;looking civilian in a black coat and bowler hat. Biggles saluted. a#39;Just make sure the door is closed, will you, Bigglesworth?a#39; began the GO. a#39;Thanks. This is Major Raymond, of Wing Headquarters.a#39; a#39;How do you do, sir?

Title:Biggles Learns to Fly
Author:W E Johns
Publisher:Random House - 2008-09-04


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