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qBilly Boyq is a humorous story about an altar boy growing up in a small New England town and the many conflicts he encounters along the way. When the mysteries of faith, sex, and the world around him were rationalized with a young mind and an imagination that ran wild within his head. When trying to stay one step ahead of his parents, teachers, and the law, he often found himself two steps behind. Although this mostly true tale takes place during the rock and roll era, it could have happened during any time period. This is a must read if you like to laugh, especially at adolescence.For the first few minutes driving the skunk around was great fun, but soon the whole thing got pretty boring, as well as smelly. The car started to really smell bad. At least Hufama wasna#39;t along for the ride. I could handle the skunk smell, which was nothing compared to what Farticus Maximus often blew out his bung hole. Then Little Bob got a ... For the same reason we all did, she made us all look stupid.

Author:William May
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-03-22


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