Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition

Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition

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New Edition of a Highly Regarded Reference As the first fully updated version in almost a decade, this comprehensive compendium brings together 2400 scientists who have made important contributions to the wide world of science. Rather than a Whoa€™s-Who style laundry list, this user-friendly resource provides essential biographical information and focuses on scientific achievement. Indeed, it is as much a book about science as it is about the notable scientists who comprise the field. Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition concentrates on the 'traditional purea€™ sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and the earth sciences. It also covers medicine and mathematics and includes a selection of people who have made important contributions to engineering, technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy. Including 29 illustrations of key scientific concepts and discoveries, this definitive collection also contains helpful resources such as a pronunciation guide, cross references, quotations, a subject index, timeline of key scientific events, and list of useful Websites. Contains More Biographies than Other Comparably Sized Titles Written by a recognized authority in the field, the uncomplicated prose eases readers into sophisticated concepts, like abstract mathematics and modern theoretical physics. The book highlights all Nobel Prize winners and popular scientists such as Keith Campbell, Ian Wilmut, and John Nash. Compiled in A-Z style, this work is the authoritative volume of its kind with more than 200 new entries in its latest edition.a€œStarting from first principles (like Descartes)a€ his aim was to a€œpursue a single path towards the understanding of this ... Milstein, CAcsar (1927a€“2002) British molecular biologist Milstein was born at Bahia Blanca in Argentina and attended the ... In 1883, when still 18, Minkowski was awarded the Grand Prix des Sciences MathAcmatiques of the Paris Academy of Sciences. ... of numbersa€ in which he developed geometrical methods for the treatment of certain problems in number theory.

Title:Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, Third Edition
Author:John Daintith
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-08-18


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