Biology Made Simple

Biology Made Simple

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Take the frustration out of learning the science of life! Biology is the most fundamental science?yet ita€™s one of the most complex. Now, Biology Made Simple is here to help science and non-science majors alike understand the science of life. Covering all the major themes of biologya€”including the cellular basis of life, the interaction of organisms, and the evolutionary process of all beings, Biology Made Simple combines concise explanations with the in-depth coverage needed to understand every aspect of this subject. Topics covered include: unifying themes of biology chemistry for the biologist the living cell DNA evolution genetics animal organization and homeostasis the systems of the body ecology Featuring more than sixty illustrations and at-a-glance chapter reviews, Biology Made Simple will help you master this fascinating science. From the Trade Paperback edition.Chemical properties of an atom depend mostly on the number of electrons in its outermost shella€”the valence electrons. Atoms are stable ... The bonds can be single, double, or triple depending upon how many electron pairs are being shared. The more pairs the ... It tends to hang on to the shared electron more than its partner does. This gives the atom a ... Sodium has a single electron in its outer shell.

Title:Biology Made Simple
Author:Rita Mary King
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2010-02-10


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