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Biomatrix: A Systems Approach to Organisational and Societal Change provides a comprehensive theory of management. It outlines how change in organisations and society needs to be managed in the information age: systemically. It also proposes ideas for new governance models. Part 1 of the book provides an overview of Biomatrix systems theory. Part 2 applies the theory to management, organisation development and transformation. Part 3 applies the theory to dissolving complex societal problems. The book may be regarded as a textbook for management, leadership and governance in the 21st century. Case studies are provided throughout.For example, the activity system associated with the flow of substance described above is that of cake making. Its phases are ... in Figure 3-7. For example, the assembly of a car could involve a step-by-step flow from one workstation to another.

Author:Elisabeth Dostal, Anacreon Cloete, György Járos
Publisher:BiomatrixWeb - 2005


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