Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants

Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants

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Plant-based medicines play an important role in all cultures, and have been indispensable in maintaining health and combating diseases. The identification of active principles and their molecular targets from traditional medicine provides an enormous opportunity for drug development. Using modern biotechnology, plants with specific chemical compositions can be mass propagated and genetically improved for the extraction of bulk active pharmaceuticals. Although there has been significant progress in the use of biotechnology, using tissue cultures and genetic transformation to investigate and alter pathways for the biosynthesis of target metabolites, there are many challenges involved in bringing plants from the laboratory to successful commercial cultivation. This book presents the latest advances in the development of medicinal drugs, including topics such as plant tissue cultures, secondary metabolite production, metabolomics, metabolic engineering, bioinformatics and future biotechnological directions.PMID 21443144 Prasad SM, Dwivedi R, Zeeshan M (2005) Growth, photosynthetic electron transport, and antioxidant responses of young soybean ... Plant Cell Environ 21:685a€“694 Suzuki T, Honda Y, Mukasa Y (2005) Effects of UV-B radiation, cold and desiccation stress on rutin ... Panda BB, Tuteja R (2009) Genotoxic stress in plants: shedding light on DNA damage, repair and DNA repair helicases.

Title:Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants
Author:Suman Chandra, Hemant Lata, Ajit Varma
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-08-10


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